What is in my candle?

Aroma Scentral uses 100% pure soy wax, natural wooden wicks and high quality fragrance and essential oils.

We prefer pure soy as it ensures a complete lack of toxins.
It also burns at a lower temperature than other waxes, which means it is able to deliver a wider ranging scent and a much longer burn time. It is also a sustainable, renewable resource

Why do I use wooden wicks?

Wooden wicks are  made from natural timber -

Not only do these wicks have an attractive look, they also aid the candle to burn for longer periods of time. They have a cleaner burn, creating less soot and are also easier to care for.

Wooden wicks will crackle when burning, just like a wood fire!

Aroma Scentral candles are all designed with longevity in mind and have a significantly longer burn time than many other brands, due to our use of soy wax and natural wooden wicks. Sometimes wooden wicks may be unavailable, due to supplier issues, or candle sizing, so I will then use a tubular wooden wick or Natural ribbon wicks. Which are both fantastic! 

When used correctly, your candles should burn as follows:

Small - expected burn time of approximately 30 hours

Medium - expected burn time of approximately 50 hours

Large - expected burn time of approximately 90 hours

Extra Large- expected burn time of approximately 140 hours

Melts - The expected total scent diffusion time of 60 hours per pack

"What size candle

If you're like me, you probably want to buy the biggest candle. After all, more is more!

Depending on how you like to use your candles, there will be different factors to think about.

The most important thing to consider is how long you like to burn your candles for. Ideally, every time you burn a candle, you should allow long enough for the wax to melt to the edges. For a bigger candle, this will take a lot longer to occur. So if you're someone who comes home late after work and wants to burn a candle for an hour or so before bed, then a big candle is not for you - pick something smaller that will melt across the top faster, or perhaps consider using melts. If not, you risk your candle tunneling - which is where the candle burns a tunnel down the middle and all the wax around the edges goes to waste. Most of my candles are made to melt to the edges in 2 - 4 hours, sometimes longer depending on size.

If you're someone who loves having candles burning all day, then definitely consider a larger candle, keeping in mind that no candle should be burning longer than 4 hours, and even less if it's a smaller candle. The temperature of the candle will be your guide - if it feels insanely hot and is creating black smoke marks up the sides, time to extinguish. It might have been burning too long or you may have forgotten to trim the wick. Keep in mind that another advantage of larger candles is that they tend to release more fragrance and are better in larger spaces.

How big is the room you're fragrancing? If you light even the largest candle and expect it to knock your socks off when you walk in to your outrageously huge open planned, cathedral ceilinged family room, you might be disappointed. Different fragrances have different strengths, and you may find two candles of the same size with different fragrances may not have the same strength. I often find that citrusy fragrances tend to be more subtle, whereas woody or foody fragrances are often more powerful. If you're after something stronger - again, you might like to give soy wax melts a go instead.

How do I burn and care for my Aroma Scentral candle?

To achieve the longest, most even burn, all of your candles should be burned for roughly 4 hours each time.

This ensures that your candle's melt pool will reach all sides of the glass, and will burn evenly as a result. Candles have a memory, and will burn to the same point previously reached.

Please ensure that your candle is burned in an area free from draughts and placed on an even surface away from children and pets.

When not burning, keep your candles away from direct sunlight, and in a cool, even temperature.

Prior to each burn, ensure that the blackened wick is trimmed or pinched off lightly.

Stop burning your candle when 1cm of wax remains in the bottom. If you let your candle burn below this, you do run the risk of the jar shattering.